Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points with VLANs on Juniper EX switches

It is assumed that you already have VLANs configured on your switch and router. This post only describes how to configure the ports that your APs connect to.

If you want to use VLANs on Ubiquiti’s UniFi line of access points, the switch ports they connect to must offer a native or untagged VLAN in addition to being a trunk port.

On Juniper EX switches this is accomplished by setting interface-mode to trunk, but also specifying a native-vlan-id.

Your APs get an IP address on the native VLAN, and that becomes the network that is used to manage them.

Below is the configuration I use for the ports my APs live on. I’m using an interface range to ensure all my AP ports are set up exactly the same, but you could also put this config directly on each interface:

# show interfaces interface-range unifi  
member ge-1/0/1;
member ge-1/0/2;
member ge-0/0/11;
description "Ubiquiti UniFi access points";
native-vlan-id 1;
unit 0 {
    family ethernet-switching {
        interface-mode trunk;
        vlan {
            members [ client iot ];